Nursing Dissertation Topic Ideas and Examples

If you are a nursing student, it is important to allocate at least a month for thorough research and development of an ideal nursing dissertation topic. Selecting a nursing dissertation topic requires thoughtful contemplation of your career aspirations, personal interests, research feasibility, ongoing challenges in the nursing field, and the availability of resources.

Your chosen topic will serve as the basis for your dissertation, so it is crucial to opt for a manageable topic that will keep you engaged throughout the process. Alternatively, you can seek nursing dissertation help from experts who can guide you in selecting the perfect topic.

To help you in your quest to find the best dissertation topic, here are some exciting nursing dissertation topic examples to inspire you to think outside the box and develop impactful research projects. This list includes topics across various specialties, including community nursing, mental health nursing, midwifery, evidence-based practice, occupational health and safety nursing, and theatre nursing.

Nursing Dissertation Topics ideas and examples.

There are numerous nursing dissertation topic ideas to base your research on. Some of them include:

  • Difficulties and approaches to avert medication mistakes in critical care nursing.
  • Influence of musical therapy on alleviating anxiety levels in individuals with mental illness.
  • Consequences of digital health/medical records on the nursing practice and patient results.
  • Efficacy of interventions to alleviate burnout among professionals in the nursing industry.
  • Effect of nurse-initiated interventions on decreasing the readmission rates of patients with cardiovascular problems.
  • Assessing the efficacy of mentorship programs in fostering clinical competency.
  • Analyzing the determinants of nursing workforce retention in remote settings.
  • Scrutinizing the possibilities and obstacles of implementing telemedicine.
  • The efficiency of nursing treatments in dealing with persistent pain among the elderly.
  • Impact of nursing professionals’ involvement on smoking cessation in patients.
  • Investigating the experiences of nursing scholars in digital learning environments.
  • Importance of nurse practitioners in advancing healthcare accessibility in underprivileged areas.
  • The effect of communication between nurses and patients on patient contentment and outcomes.
  • Investigating the cultural competence training effect on the delivery of culturally appropriate care.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of simulated training in enhancing nursing critical thinking abilities.

Community nursing dissertation topic ideas and examples

Community nursing dissertation topic ideas and examples

There are various creative community nursing dissertation topic ideas to choose from. Some of them include:

  • Importance of community-based nursing initiatives
  • Contributions of community nurses in dealing with the opioid crisis in remote areas
  • Importance of community-based nursing in mitigating infectious diseases in vulnerable communities.
  • The influence of community nursing services on the well-being of patients with disabilities
  • Obstacles to accessing community-based nursing help among marginalized communities
  • How community-based nursing initiatives diminishes the cost of healthcare and enhance outcomes
  • The effect of community-based nursing programs on lessening medical care disparities in non-urban regions.
  • Technology usage in improving community nursing practice.
  • Why community nurses are integral in promoting health literacy
  • Assessing the importance of community-based nursing initiatives in managing heart-related diseases.
  • The part played by community nurses in addressing social determinants of health
  • Utilizing mobile health apps in delivering community-based nursing services to underserved groups
  • Influence of community nursing on lowering readmissions in hospitals
  • Investigating the efficacy of community-based nursing in promoting healthy aging
  • The importance of community nursing in lessening visits to the emergency room

Mental health nursing dissertation examples

mental health nursing dissertation examples

Another important nursing subset is the mental health dissertation. Here are some ideas to choose from:

  • The effect of early trauma on an adult’s psychological well-being.
  • The importance of nurses in mental wellness promotion among disadvantaged communities.
  • The experiences of psychiatric nursing staff in dealing with violent forensic patients.
  • Analyzing the efficacy of cognitive-behavioral therapy in treating mental health illnesses among teenage patients.
  • Exploring the influence of cultural elements on mental illness stigma.
  • Investigating the correlation between social media utilization and depressive symptoms among the youth.
  • Studying the connection between personality traits and suicide risk in mentally ill patients.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of telemedicine for managing depression in remote communities.
  • Investigating the connection between active parenting and mental wellness outcomes.
  • Correlation between social support and mental health issues in individuals with chronic conditions.
  • Experiences of nursing professionals serving in mental health crisis response teams.
  • Effectiveness of nurses in treating depression in geriatric patients.
  • Exploring the role nursing professionals play in reducing the societal stigmatization of mental illness.
  • A study on the perceptions of mental illness among patients by nursing professionals.
  • Assessing nursing practices in treating patients with co-occurring drug use disorders and psychological illness.

Theatre nursing dissertation topics

theatre nursing dissertation topics

There are various theatre/perioperative dissertation topic ideas to choose from. Some of them include:

  • The function of scrub nurses in mitigating infections.
  • A contrastive examination of perioperative nursing practices in first-world vs. third-world nations
  • Assessing the effects of technology on operating room nursing professionals
  • The significance of collaboration in perioperative nursing
  • Difficulties encountered by operating room nurses in dealing with emergencies
  • Formulating approaches to minimize occupational hazards for perioperative nurses
  • A critical appraisal of the role of operating room nurses in preventing surgical site infections
  • Repercussions of staffing shortages in perioperative nursing
  • Utilization of simulation training in perioperative nursing
  • Involvement of operating room nurses in the management of pain after operations
  • Impact of scrub nurses on the recovery time of surgical patients
  • The ethical considerations in perioperative nursing.
  • Influence of cultural heterogeneity on perioperative nursing
  • Significance of infection control protocols in perioperative nursing
  • The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on perioperative nursing practices

Occupational health and safety nursing dissertation topics

Another crucial nursing subset is occupational health and safety. Here are some dissertation topic ideas to choose from:

  • Occupational health nurses’ part in dealing with workplace hostility
  • Influence of rules on occupational health and safety on the nursing profession
  • Occupational health nurses’ role in handling work-related injuries and diseases
  • Efficacy of personal protective gear (PPG) in preventing work-related risks
  • Occupational health nurses’ role in promoting a balance between work and life for employees
  • Examining the role of organizational backing in advancing occupational health and safety policy implementation
  • Obstacles to the adoption of evidence-based occupational health and safety
  • The influence of COVID-19 on the mental well-being of OSH healthcare personnel
  • An exploration of the influence of technology on occupational safety and health.
  • Methods for dealing with burnout among OSH nurses.
  • Association between OSH and patient results.
  • Analyzing the effect of OSH practices on the recruitment and retention of nursing staff.
  • A comprehensive review of OSH issues encountered by nurses in low-income countries.
  • Coming up with a comprehensive program for OSH professionals in healthcare work.
  • Investigating the effectiveness of ergonomic interventions in decreasing musculoskeletal disorders among nurses.


Evidence-based practice dissertation topics

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a critical part of the nursing profession. Here are some evidence-based practice dissertation topic ideas:

  • Investigating the effects of nursing training on EBP
  • Applying evidence-based nursing interventions to enhance care post-operation.
  • Improving patient outcomes through evidence-based approaches
  • Evidence-based strategies for preventing and treating critically ill patients
  • Reducing healthcare disparities among marginalized populations through EBP
  • Utilizing EBP Guidelines to improve pain management in hospice care settings
  • Establishing EBP for managing sepsis in critical care environments
  • Examining the Influence of nursing leadership on the Adoption of evidence-based healthcare
  • A systematic review of literature on incorporating EBP into nursing training
  • Enhancing patient safety in healthcare through the application of EBP
  • Addressing barriers and facilitators to the promotion of evidence-based nursing
  • Implementing EBP to improve medication reconciliation in hospital settings
  • Evidence-based interventions for managing mental health conditions in Primary care
  • Impact of evidence-based nursing Interventions on patient satisfaction and Quality of care
  • Evaluating the effects of EBP on nursing documentation and charting


Midwifery dissertation topics

midwifery dissertation topics

Midwifery is a huge part of the nursing profession. Here are some unique and creative midwifery dissertation topics:

  • Contribution of Midwives in improving maternal and newborn health in resource-limited settings
  • Influence of midwifery care on the health outcomes of mothers and infants in high-income nations
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of midwifery-led healthcare models in enhancing outcomes
  • Midwives’ involvement in decreasing maternal mortality and morbidity rates in third-world nations
  • Midwifery support for women with disabilities during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum periods
  • Assessing the experiences of midwives caring for women with complicated pregnancies
  • Technology integration in midwifery
  • Midwives’ role in promoting breastfeeding and preliminary mother-infant bonding
  • The impact of midwifery care on women’s childbirth experiences and satisfaction with care provision
  • Midwifery care for women with substance use issues
  • Examining midwives’ experiences in caring for women with perinatal mental health conditions
  • Midwives’ role in addressing postpartum depression among new mothers
  • Preventing preterm birth through evidence-based midwifery care approaches
  • The impact of telehealth on midwifery care delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Investigating the relationship between maternal BMI and neonatal outcomes in midwifery-led care settings.

Choose the perfect topic with nursing homework help

Developing the perfect nursing dissertation topic requires extensive research and careful consideration of various factors. Investing time to choose the perfect topic or outsourcing that work to professional nursing homework help services is important. From community nursing to occupational health and safety nursing, there are numerous exciting nursing dissertation topics to choose from across various specialties. You should choose a feasible topic that resonates with your career goals and interests.

For proper assistance in developing a suitable topic or even writing a dissertation, you should seek professional help. Consider contacting expert nursing dissertation help to expedite the process and ensure your dissertation is of the highest quality. Seeking help does not diminish your abilities but shows your commitment to achieving academic excellence. Contact our professional dissertation help for a quality dissertation that will impress any panel.


Understandably, you might have several questions regarding choosing nursing dissertation topics. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers

How do I choose a dissertation topic for nursing?

When choosing a dissertation topic for nursing, it is important to start by assessing your career goals and interests, and current issues in the field. Spend time researching potential topics, and consider seeking advice from professors or nursing professionals. Look to nursing literature and databases for inspiration, and assess the feasibility of your chosen topic in terms of research resources and access. Give yourself a month to fully explore and decide on a nursing dissertation topic that aligns with your passions and goals.

What is a dissertation in nursing?

A dissertation in nursing is a research-based academic paper demonstrating a nursing student’s mastery of a particular area of knowledge, research skills, and critical thinking. It usually involves conducting an original research study or a systematic literature review in a particular nursing practice or theory area.

What are some good research topics for nursing?

The ideal topic depends on your interests, goals, and the specific area of nursing practice you wish to explore. Some examples include the impact of technology on nursing practice, the role of the nurse in patient safety, the effectiveness of nursing interventions in chronic illness management, and the challenges of nursing in resource-limited settings.

How many words is a nursing dissertation?

The number of words in a nursing dissertation can vary depending on the specific requirements of your academic institution and the scope of your research project. However, a typical nursing dissertation can be 100 to 300 pages long. It is essential to check with your academic institution for specific guidelines on the word count for your nursing dissertation.

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