Nurses are always upfront in the delivery of health care systems in the community. Therefore, finding an excellent researchable topic in the nursing community is essential. A compelling research topic makes the study more comprehensive and the results efficiently. Finding nursing research topics for BSc students has always given several students a hard time. However, this article comes to their rescue as it contains 150 brilliant nursing research paper topics.

nursing research paper

A research paper topic or question is the basis of any research work or project. The entire research work by the researcher aims at answering the question posed by the study topic. Research topics determine how the researcher would approach their study question as well as how they would conduct the investigation. Therefore, a researcher must come up with an excellent researchable question that would reflect on their study. We are positive that the 150 brilliant nursing research paper topics will be of great help to nursing students.

How Do I Find A Research Topic?

Finding a research topic can be a difficult task. However, with the right guidelines, it becomes easier to find one. Before choosing a study topic, it is essential first to understand the different types of research as well as the types of questions. The research questions assist in formulating research proposals. For this article, we shall focus on the nursing research proposal example in the form of questions. The article contains a list of research topics for BSc nursing students.

Types Of Research

Research work in the field of nursing relies on existing principles and theories. This type of research is called applied research. Applied research work revolves around case studies intending to solve existing problems. There are three subdivisions of applied research.  They include:

150 Brilliant Nursing Research Paper Topics

Quantitative Research

Quantitative analysis uses computational or mathematical techniques in investigating phenomena. The study aims at quantifying aspects by using statistics and mathematical expressions and evaluated pieces of evidence obtained from the research work. Results from this type of study are factors in formulating theories and uncovering existing patterns often presented in tables and graphs.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research a type of non-numerical study that aims at explaining how and why phenomena occur. The results from these studies are also on case studies of previous events. Results obtained from this type of study are usually descriptive and explanatory.

Mixed Study

Mixed research work involves the integration of both quantitative and qualitative research in the investigation of a phenomenon. Combined research analyzes the data obtained from both qualitative and quantitative studies to come up with evidence-based theories. The mixed analysis is employed in the field of nursing and healthcare to formulate factual practice nursing research topics. These various studies aimed at increasing the healthcare services to patients.

This article aims at giving examples of the use of mixed research through150 brilliant nursing research paper topics. These nursing topics answer important research questions in the field of nursing and midwifery.

What Is A Researchable Question?

A researchable topic is a question or subject that forms the foundation of a research study. A well put research question helps in successfully conducting research work.  Read on to find out more about the nursing research topics.

What Are The 3 Types Of Research Questions?

Research questions have three categories. These categories include:

150 Brilliant Nursing Research Paper Topics

  • Descriptive research questions

Descriptive research questions are for investigative studies aimed at explaining what is going on or describing something that exists. The problems start with words or phrases such as “What is?” “What are?” “How much?” and “What amount?”. These phrases guide a researcher in conducting research that describes a particular phenomenon.

  • Comparative research questions

Related research questions are for studies aimed at investigating the relationship between two or more groups based on one or more variables. For example, a researcher may decide to conduct a survey to determine which age group prefers which social sites. The researcher needs to frame the question in such a way that he/she compares the use of social sites among young and older people.

  • Causal research questions

Causal research questions are employed when a research study aims at determining how variables cause or affect the outcome of events. These questions explore the causes and effects of different phenomenon.

What Is A Good Research Question For Nursing?

Most nursing students experience troubles in writing research papers. There are different criteria used in constructing study topics in nursing and midwifery. Among the requirements are the FINER criterion and PICOT criterion. However, for evidence-based practice nursing research topics, the PICO(T)criterion is widely used.

1. FINER Criterion

The FINER criterion occurs in a variety of fields due to its flexibility. FINER provides a framework that guides the researcher on how to conduct their study. It gives room for the researcher to reflect on the ethical, scientific, logical, and philosophical implications of the research questions. This way, the researcher can analyze the relevance of the research.

FINER is an acronym for:

  • F- Feasible (evaluates the means of conducting the study)
  • I -Interesting (evaluates the impression of the study to the researcher and the community)
  • N- Novel (evaluates previous findings related to the survey)
  • E-Ethical (assesses the ethical implications of the study)
  • R-Relevant (validates the importance of conducting the study)

2. PICO(T) Criterion

PICO(T) criterion applies when formulating questions for evidence-based research work. The PICOT criterion provides a framework to analyze the problems experienced, effects as well as the solutions to the issues. Subsequently, factual practice nursing research topics usually use the PICO(T) criterion in formulating the questions. So, what is a PICO question in nursing?

PICO(T)is an acronym that stands for:

  • P –Problem, Patient, or Population (evaluates age, the gender or individuals affected by a specific disorder)
  • I – Intervention or Indicator (evaluates the exposure to the illness or disease)
  • C – Comparison, control or comparator (evaluates a control experiment using a placebo with no risks for the aim of comparisons)
  • – Outcome(s) (evaluates the occurrence of the adverse results of the illness)
  • T – Time (estimates the time taken to produce an outcome)

To find practical nursing research topics about community, employing the PICO(T) criterion is essential. Using this criterion is vital in all evidence-based studies. Having learned this, one would ask, how do you write a nursing research paper? A good nursing essay paper follows the PICO(T) criterion as well as the correct outline of a research paper.

What Is A Research Problem In Nursing?

Research problems are statements concerning an area that needs improvements or the elimination of difficulties. The problems pose questions that need elaborate explanations through intensive investigations. Disciples such as nursing and social sciences use research problems to formulate their proposal questions or topics. Nurses investigate their research questions based on case studies to improve healthcare in the community. Below are 150 brilliant nursing research paper topics.

150 Brilliant Nursing Research Paper Topics  

Nursing students are always in need of writing research papers in the course of their training. Finding research topics can be cumbersome for several medical students due to their tight schedules. That is where we come in. We have compiled a list of nursing research topics in medical surgical nursing. These topics will ease your time when searching for examples of quantitative research topics in nursing as well as quantitative research.

  1. Discuss the prevention of cachexia among cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and undergoing
  2. What are the ethical issues involved in geriatrics?
  3. How is one supposed to conduct themselves in the delivery room?
  4. What are the ethical regulations for registered nurses?
  5. How does one improve the mental health of patients?
  6. Defibrillation procedures in newborns.
  7. What are the effects of music therapy during lactation?
  8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of water birth?
  9. Discuss the effects of ageing on mental health.
  10. What are the controversial practices in the field of nursing and midwifery?
  11. What are the causes of depression?
  12. Sleep patterns and sleep disorders
  13. Treatment of skin problems such as acne
  14. What are the causes of cardiovascular diseases?
  15. What are the effects of cardiovascular diseases?
  16. How do you care for patients with dyslexia?
  17. What are the effective methods of controlling perceptive pruritis?
  18. What are the pre-term threats to labor?
  19. Causes and effects of drug abuse in patients
  20. How does one diagnose and treat Schizophrenia?
  21. What are the effects of cold therapy?
  22. Does genetic composition affect the early onset of diabetes in children?
  23. What are the causes and effects of atrial fibrillation?
  24. How does one prevent atrial fibrillation?
  25. What are the health risks of ankle sprains among athletes?
  26. What are the physiological factors that lead to Parkinson’s Disease?
  27. How do ethical issues affect the care of psychiatric patients?
  28. What are the causes of child mortality in area XYZ?
  29. How do nurses care for elderly patients with osteoarthritis?
  30. Case study of a trauma patient with PTSD; causes effects and treatment
  31. What are the steps of carrying out antenatal treatment?
  32. How does childbirth put a mother at risk?
  33. Why is behavior assessment critical in pediatric care?
  34. What is the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease?
  35. How does one control blood pressure levels?
  36. Causes of stroke
  37. Compare and contrast alternative and complementary therapy
  38. Treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome
  39. How does care for various patients affect the mental health of nurses?
  40. Effects of therapy to cancer patients
  41. What are the approaches employed in improving the mental health of nurses?
  42. What are the results of skin-to-skin contact between mothers during childbirth?
  43. Is it right for nurses to prescribe drugs to their patients?
  44. What are the preventive measures taken for infectious diseases?
  45. What risk does teenage pregnancy pose to the mother?
  46. Government policies on healthcare practices
  47. Causes and treatment of joint issues among the elderly
  48. Why are females more affected by osteoporosis?
  49. What is the role of leaders in the nursing community?
  50. Effects of abdominal massage in critical patients
  51. What are the controversial issues involved in the management of pain?
  52. What are the ethical issues affecting the care of psychiatric patients?
  53. Menopause management among the female population
  54. Does the gender and race of a patient affect the management of pain?
  55. Case study on effective weight loss procedures
  56. Compare and contrast the various nursing models as employed in different regions
  57. Care of partial paralysis using mirror therapy
  58. What are the causes, effects, and treatment of hypertension?
  59. How does a nurse prepare a patient for a Caesarean Section procedure?
  60. Use of controversial techniques in the field of medicine
  61. Diagnosis of autism
  62. Safety when caring for patients
  63. Effects of palliative care
  64. What are the ethical issues involved in medical contracts?
  65. What are the measures taken in dealing with stress issues?
  66. Causes of the different types of diabetes
  67. Discuss the practice of oral health in an area of your choice
  68. Is gender bias an issue among nursing professionals?
  69. Importance of gyno education among young females
  70. Discuss the symptoms of the bipolar disorder
  71. How do nurses assist patients in recovering from traumas?
  72. Pet therapy as a tool in treating the social interaction of autistic children
  73. What are the different categories of the care given by nurses?
  74. Analyze the causes, symptoms, and treatment of the ovarian disorder
  75. How do health professionals deal with stressful situations that occur during night shift?
  76. What are the preventive measures taken to curb breast cancer?
  77. How does the use of opioids affect rheumatoid arthritis?
  78. Case study of the importance of asthma management skills in the community
  79. Medical field diversity
  80. Discuss the different approaches in the treatment of vaginal atrophy
  81. How has eHealth affected healthcare systems?
  82. Benefits of health coverage among individuals
  83. How do patients aid in faster healing of their bone injuries?
  84. ER symptoms that are unexplained by medicine
  85. What are the existing approaches in the vaccination of teenagers?
  86. Care of the newborn
  87. Steps involved in the treatment of headaches
  88. What are the physiological effects of menopause?
  89. Are our healthcare systems affordable?
  90. How does the affordability of the healthcare system affect the community?
  91. How do modern innovations affect existing health care systems?
  92. Evaluate the efficacy of childbirth
  93. What are the ethical issues involved in euthanasia?
  94. Discuss the phantom pains phenomenon
  95. What are the recommendations for post-natal care?
  96. Discuss the various causes and prevention of migraines
  97. What are the physiological impacts of terminated pregnancies?
  98. Special care given to pregnant mothers with obesity
  99. How do patients with anorexia nervosa improve their mental health?
  100. Impacts of outdoor activities to the mental health of patients with depression
  101. What are the preventive measures of curbing child obesity?
  102. Is dementia in older people accompanied by pain?
  103. What are the differences between maternal practices in urban and rural areas?
  104. What are the immediate measures taken in the third phase of labor?
  105. Measures on improving the safety of patients within healthcare facilities
  106. Discuss the sexual health disorders among females
  107. A positive analysis of the childbirth experience
  108. Is the government effectively financing the health sector?
  109. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been on the rise lately? What are its causes and treatment?
  110. What are the issues related to weight gain during pregnancy?
  111. Discuss the benefits of safe sex practices
  112. Has Tele medication brought changes in the medical sector?
  113. What are the obligations of every health practitioner?
  114. Discuss the occurrence of antibiotic resistance among small children
  115. How has the contemporary lifestyle affected the health of individuals?
  116. Discuss the ethical issues involved the campaign of healthcare products
  117. What are the remedies employed in the treatment of speech disorders?
  118. Discuss the code of conducts among medical practitioners
  119. What are the causes of seizures among young adolescents?
  120. How does continence affect young children?
  121. What is the relationship between infancy obesity and adult obesity?
  122. Does the size of a woman affect childbirth?
  123. What are the risks of anxiety and fear during pregnancy?
  124. What are the critical issues facing the elderly in the community?
  125. Discuss the moon effect theory concerning labor
  126. Discuss the use of family planning methods among members of a community of your choice
  127. What are the effects of opioids on expectant mothers?
  128. How does a caregiver identify a victim of abuse among elderly persons?
  129. What are the effects of counseling on patients with chronic illness?
  130. What are the therapies used in brain stimulation?
  131. Discuss the preparation of health care systems in providing primary health care
  132. Discuss the differences between psychiatric care of children and adults
  133. Is it ethical to conduct clinical trials among the elderly population?
  134. Does the digital age affect healthcare systems?
  135. Discuss the treatment of brain injury
  136. Discuss the importance of sex education among young people
  137. What are the pros and cons of antipsychotics?
  138. Association between social work and healthcare
  139. What are the ethical issues involved in the treatment of homeless people?
  140. What are the causes of obesity among toddlers?
  141. Discuss yoga as a physical therapy tool
  142. What are the differences between home care and care in nursing homes?
  143. Discuss the relationship between novel genes and the development of brain disorders
  144. How can stress be treated medically?
  145. How important is it to conduct breast cancer screening?
  146. Discuss how the abuse of antibiotic leads to antimicrobial resistance
  147. Is e-cigarette effective in attempts to quit smoking?
  148. Are the elderly persons in a community of your choice well taken care of?
  149. What are the mental conditions experienced by women?
  150. When is psychotherapy considered as a treatment option?

nursing research paper

The above 150 brilliant nursing research paper topics will go along way into assisting nursing students in choosing research topics in nursing and midwifery. These topics could be used to formulate proposals before conducting the intended study.

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